Why an Air Conditioning Company Hired 2 Extra Technicians for the Summer

Air Conditioning Company Alpha Air, LLC  hired 2 extra technicians for the summer period because during the hot period there are more companies that are willing to install air conditioners in their offices and facilities. In summer air temperature dramatically increases after winter and spring periods.

Extra technicians in the summer period are needed to install and repair old conditioners that are broken. The demand for air conditioning equipment installation is really huge in the summer period among individuals and companies. Demand on air conditioners mounting increases up to 3 times in summer period after the spring season.

As the cold weather sets off, demand for air conditioners starts to rise, and in the summer months, it reaches its maximum. At this time, companies involved in the installation of air conditioning systems, work in emergency mode. The working day of their employees may increase to 10-12 hours, for which they have to install from two to five air conditioners, depending on their type and the complexity of the installation.  There are also a large number of air conditioning units that need repairing or preventive maintenance.

An important moment for reliable operation of an air conditioner and any equipment is not only the quality of equipment but also how technically correct the installation is performed. It is the qualifications, conscientiousness, and experience of air conditioner installers that will determine how long equipment will work.  Please call Alpha Air if you have any air conditioning questions.